Unicorn Phase 5 Phil Taylor 95% Tungsten Dart

Phil Taylor dartsPhil ‘The Power Taylor darts, 15 times world champion.     Buy now

The Rosso Darts are the Darts Phil uses when he plays there are also other styles below, all of which are the same apart from the look as you can see in the picture.

Your not going to get a better review than that the best darts player of all time uses these.

The Darts are:

  • 95% Tungsten
  • Phase 5 Titanium side load shaft
  • Guaranteed weight certified to 0.1g
  • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark
  • DXM Flights
  • 26g

The Darts come complete with a neat darts case, side loading shafts & professional Phil the Power flights.

These darts are accurate when thrown, with a grip on the darts. Unicorn are very good trustworthy make. The darts have a very nice finish.

The shafts will not last forever and will need to be replaced.

All style’s are 26g

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Phil Taylor dartsGold – RRP £90.43 – Buy now to achieve a discount


Phil Taylor dartsBlack – RRP £97.06 – Buy now to achieve a discount

Natural – RRP £69.89 – Buy nowPhil Taylor darts to achieve a discount


Phil Taylor dartsRosso – RRP £95.03 – Buy now to achieve a discount


Phil Taylor Darts

Machina – RRP £71.72 – Buy now to achieve a discount

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