Novelty Darts Gifts for Christmas

Novelty Darts Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, christmas is only a few weeks away and on top of that my wife is due to give birth to our first child on the 20th Feb so everything is going a bit crazy for me at the moment.

I thought with Christmas coming it would give me a good opportunity to talk about my top 10 novelty darts gifts for loved ones this Christmas.

I have done quite a bit of research regarding this and found hundreds of different gifts, including clothing, jewellery, DVD’s, games and etc and some of these have made it to my top ten.

The price range is indicated by the £ sign the lower the count the lower the price, this does not however compromise the quality.

£ – £1.00 – £10.00

££ – £10.00 – £20.00

£££ – £20.00 – £25.00

So here is my list (remember this is my opinion there is plenty more out there but wanted to give you my favourites so they are all in one place).

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Comes from the Keep Calm range, and comes in a variety of colours including black, red & blue in various sizes.

Comes with drawstrings, there are cheaper prices out there but the quality is worth that little bit more. 80% Cotton.

I like this item as it is a quality item and good for any darts fan. ££

There are also many T-Shirts & Jumpers but I choose this over the rest.

  1. Suck UK Dart Coat Hooks

A pretty cool dart products, they are made from polished chrome steel and work like regular coat hooks just a lot cooler. For a keen darts enthusiast definitely as will be in your house on show but certainly more exciting than your usual coat hooks.

It comes with three coat hooks and all the fittings.

They look quality. ££

  1. Tie Clip Dart II /2c mtd

I thought this is a quite a neat little gift for someone. I have one of these. It is very subtle in the office and appropriate for a working environment. It is used to hide your smaller part of tie by clipping it to the visible part.

Perfect for the darts enthusiast in the office. ££

  1.  I’d Rather Be Mug – Watching Darts

The title pretty much says it all, there are many darts mug’s out there so thought I would include one of them in my top ten I chose this one due to being my preferred style perfect Christmas present for dad.

Not too in your face. £


Dartboard / Darts – 80mm Drink/Glass/Mug Coasters (4 Pack)

You get 4 coasters to put your dart mug on – they are 87mm in diameter with a high quality print coated in GPPS plastic to prevent hot drinks from ruining them. I thought this was a nice low priced product for darts enthusiast maybe to put in your darts room.

I am a big fan of this product and have added this to my Christmas list. You can’t go wrong for the price. £

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  1. Dartboard Fliptop Lighter in Gift Box

Another middle tiered priced item, this lighter is great and comes in a tin gift box a great present for the smoker’s in your family.

Measures 56cm x 35cm x 12cm and is a petrol fuelled. ££


  1. Dart Board Plastic case

Dartboard mobile phone plastic case for either a Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5

Why not have a darts case to protect your phone, it simply clicks to your case, will still allow you to use your buttons on your phone.

Another low end priced product perfect for a stocking filler.£




  1. Personalised Dartboard Wall Clock

This is a more higher end priced product but it is of good quality, it is personal for you or the person you are buying for you personalise it and put a name on the clock.

It is 23cm x 23cm in Size. Which would be mounted on the wall. The name would be a swinging pendulum.

I have never seen this before so though I would add it, the clock face is a dart board. £££

  1. Novelty Mens Cufflinks – Darts on Dartsboard Design

Again there are many to choose from but I choose this set, it has the dartboard and a set of darts on each. It comes in smart box another perfect gift for him. ££.



  1. Dart Board Design Bottle Opener Keyring

Probably the cheapest items on the list but perfect to fit on your keys. It’s just a standard bottle opener with a dart print but a very popular item.

Another great stocking filler. £


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As I said there were many other items that I would like to show you maybe I will in a later post, but these are my top ten items out there at the moment.

I have attached the link on where you can get them, I had a look around and you can get the items from elsewhere however from what I saw Amazon was the most reasonable price for all items.

I hope some of these help you out, I have a couple of these items and hoping to get a couple more of them this Christmas.

I do really like the clothing range which I may do a whole article on in the future as there are many items.

Let me know if you have bought any of these items or already have by writing a post below.

Thanks for reading


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