How Much does it cost to play darts?

How much does it cost to play darts?

This is my first article about darts which I hope to create many more going forward if this is of any interest to you.

If you are just starting out and are looking to set up and play darts this article should help you understand how much it will cost to set this up from scratch.

The cost of everything can vary depending on a number of different factors including quality of the dartboard and darts, extra items, what you already have and where you buy it.

If you are just starting out all you really need to play is a set of darts and a dartboard. Everything else is just an extra cost when you may not need it.

Additional items you may want to consider when setting it up are:

  • Flights – In case the set that comes with the darts are broken are not to your liking.
  • Stems/Shafts – You may want different lengthier stems and they can vary depending on the type you would like.
  • Dartboard Surround – These are very handy as it will protect your wall from dart holes, you can get some nice surrounds nowadays that blend in with the rest of the room.
  • Dart mat – This is usually for two reasons one to protect the floor when the dart flies out the board and the second to give you an idea of where to stand when throwing.
  • Wall bracket – For ease of putting your dartboard on the wall.
  • Dart Case – To store your darts in when playing away from home.

These are nice to haves but as I said before all you really need to get started are a board, some darts and enough space to play.


Dartboards are usually all a standard size I recommend getting a heavy traditional dartboard. You can get thin dartboards which are double sided these tend not to last that long.

You get a good quality dartboard for around £20 – £25 you do not want to spend much more than that if you are just starting out. The more trusted brands of dartboard manufacturers are Unicorn & Winmau.

Below are couple of good quality dartboards I would recommend.

Dartboard – Winmau Blade 4 – Around £25




Unicorn Dartboard Striker Bristle – Black/White/Red/Green – Around £19




Note:  A quick note remember the dartboard will not last forever, and it will need to be replaced depending on how often you play. I play for around 3-4 hours a week on my dartboard and it usually lasts around a year before I replace it.


Darts vary a lot more in price as you can get different quality darts some are brass but the majority of the better darts are made of tungsten, darts are sometimes included when you buy a dartboard but these are of very poor quality I recommend trying to buy a separate set for yourself and then if you do end up playing against someone else at least you have two sets.

As I said darts can vary massively in price from £5 to over £100 if you are just starting out I recommend something like.


Winmau Ted Hankey 90% Tungsten World Champion Darts Priced Around £20



This set is in the lower price bracket and will get you started. When buying darts remember you are buying the darts for the barrel and not the whole dart as the rest can easily be replaced at a smaller cost. If you like the size and weight of the barrel but not the size and look of everything else you are onto a winner. You won’t get the best darts for you straight away it will take time. The darts I use are


Phase 5 Phil Taylor 95% Tungsten Dart – Black, 26 g Around £75



Most sets of darts come with their own darts case so you don’t need to splash out on a case yet.

It has taken me a while to find the right darts for me, I have had around 15 sets in my life and I am finally comfortable with the combination of the barrels, stems and flight for the darts.

All else you will need to play is a space and a Screw and a sliding peg. you can go for the more fancy wall bracket but this does just the same job. This is what I use on mine and I fold paper up and put it around the edge of the board to make it solid.

As you can see it varies in price how much you want to spend when setting up you dartboard but if you are just starting out and just buy the basics all you really need to spend is around £40 for a decent set-up

If you continue to enjoy darts you can upgrade your darts or buy further equipment.

I hope this has helped you a little bit in determining how much you really need to spend to get yourself started.

I would quickly like to let you know that the above links I am an affiliate for and if you buy them then I will get a % of the purchase at no more cost to yourself so thank you if you do choose to buy through me.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this article on Best Darts to Buy.

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