Standard darts game

The Standard dart rules.

Each player start’s at 501, and usually each throw a dart at the bullseye to start, the closest person starts (it does matter if you are throwing first or second)

Once decided the first player stands at the oche (the throwing line), and throw his 3 darts at the board trying to hit the highest score he/she can, if a dart falls out of the board before the darts are collected, the score of the dart is not counted.

All darts in the board after the throw is counted up and taken off of the 501 score.

The throw then goes onto the next player, this continues on until the score gets lower, to determine a winner of the leg the player must finish on a double (the thin line around the outside of the board see The Dartboard).

The highest score a player can check out on is 170 to do this the player must hit treble 20, treble 20 followed by the bull (to see checkouts click here).

If a player gets down to a low score and exceeds that score then they are bust and no score from any of that throw is counted for example if you have a score of 7 left and you hit a 3 followed by a 6 you exceed the 7 required and leave your score on 7.

Doubles are usually 701 down, sometimes games of 301 are played. There are some tournaments where you double in to start. All rules are the same as the above for each game apart from double in where you need to hit a double to start.


The dart board height is usually hung so the bullseye is 5 feet 8 inches from the floor, which is eye level for a six foot person.

The throwing line is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches away from the dartboard, please see picture below of the distances.