Aim of the game is to be the last man standing after taking all your opponents lives

No Players: As many as you like, the more the merrier with a maximum of twenty

Time: Depends on how many players you have and how many lives you have

First you need to determine the order of who throws it is usually determined by the closest to the bullseye that goes first then the next closest to go second and so on so forth until the furthest away goes last.

Write their names down the side of the board.

Each player then throws one dart each with their non-throwing arm to determine their number, you cannot have the same number as another player and write there number next to their name (If you hit a double on your first go you automatically become a killer.

You then determine how many lives each player has (usually everyone has the same number of lives)

The person that goes first needs to hit their own double to become a killer, once you hit your double you become a killer and can kill others players out, if you hit someone elses double by mistake you make them become a killer.

To eliminate other players you need to hit there number, trebles count as three lives double as two (be careful if you hit their double they then become killers and can eliminate you or others.) Each time you hit their score they lose a life.

This continues until there is only one player left who is then the winner.

There are other variations where you can only kill by hitting doubles/trebles etc, and depending on your experience you can give people more lives, the better players tend to go out first as they are determined a bigger threat and are targeted.