Darting Terminology

Darting Terminology

Sorry I have not wrote in such a long time, it has been very hectic here we hav just had our twenty week scan and found out we are having a boy exciting times.

Well onto the darts talk, you hear and see many different darting words when playing and watching darts, it’s as if they have their own language.

I am going to go through most of the common words you will hear when playing/watching darts and what each one of them mean. There are many that mean the same thing but some people call them different things.

I do refer to a lot of this terminology in my website. If you don’t know what I am talking about before reading this article I am sorry but you will now be able to find it here.

I have got quite a few, most of which you will already probably know, but if you have some that is not on my list let me know at the comments at the bottom.

I’m sorry if you think they mean something different from where you are but feel free to leave a comment and I will add alternate definitions on this page as well.

My List

  • Lipstick – It is not what the ladies where on the lips when they say lipstick they actually mean the treble twenty.
  • 3 in a bed – and the little one said!!! Not really this is where you get three of your darts in the same segment of the dartboard.
  • Tops – Is the Double 20 it is known as tops as it the highest score on the dartboard.
  • Mad House – Is double 1 the lowest checkout you can get.
  • Shanghai – Where you hit a single, treble and double all of the same number.
  • Bull/Bullseye – The centre of the dartboard.
  • The Ring – Is the green segment around the center of the dartboard.
  • Oche – The line where you throw your darts from  which should be 7ft 9 ¼ inch.
  • Double – Is the Larger outer circle which will be red or green worth double the points.
  • Treble – The smaller inner circle which is also red or green worth treble the points.
  • Bye – You usually will hear the word bye when in a tournament and because of the number of people in the tournament it may  not dilute down to two finalists so the first round you may automatically get through the first round.
  • Game shot – Means that you have an opportunity to win the game.
  • Marker – Is the person that marks the scores of the match.
  • Board – Is the dartboard you throw the darts at (obvious I know)
  • Scorer – Same as the marker, the person who marks the score of the match.
  • Leg – Is the a full game of 501 to the double, with usually best of 3 or 5 legs in a set.
  • Double In – You have to start a leg off with a double before you can start scoring .
  • Throw – Obvious I know, but when some says it’s your throw you throw al three darts at the board.
  • Doubles – Not to be confused with Double, is where you play with a partner on your side.
  • Bust – When you hit a higher score than you have left remaining to hit. If you are left with a score of 1 that is still classed as bust as you can’t hit double 0.5.
  • Check-Out – Is where you hit the double to finish off the leg.
  • Barrels – Is the metal part of the dart, where the pointy end is.
  • Stems – Is the part that screws onto the barrels and hold the flights, can be bought in many different styles and lengths.
  • Flights – the end of the dart that helps the dart fly goes into the stems and can get hundreds of different flights.
  • Tungsten – Is what the barrels are made from it is a type of metal.
  • The Power – It is referred to as Phil Taylor The Power is his nickname. All darts players have their own nickname.
  • Arrows – They mean your three darts you are playing with.

I hope some of these have helped you somewhat. I will continue to add to this list if there are any other’s I have missed or you can add your own by writing a comment and adding some of your own.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope to post some more regularly.



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