Dart Board Height

Dart Board Height

A Dart board height is standard across all sports and is the first thing you do before you start to play darts. You need to get your Dart board height right and I am going to run through the measurements in this article.

What do I mean by Dart Board Height?

I mean the measurement from the floor to the centre of the dartbard (or Bullseye)

A quick note to say what I will be talking about is recognised as the world standard recognised by the World Darts Federation. They may vary if you are not playing the standard game of darts.


The dart board height was put to this level as it is at eye level for a 6ft 0inches person. The height of the dartboard is measured to the centre of the board or the bullseye and is 1.73m or 5ft 8inches from the ground to where the player will be throwing from (Note: Some games there is a step known as a hockey after the oche as the raised floor indicates the length of the oche so you must ignore the hockey and measure to the level at which you will throw from)


The distance from the front (this is not from the wall the dartboard is usually around an inch from the wall due to the thickness of the dartboard) of the dartboard to the throwing line (The Oche) is 2.37m or 7feet 9 ¼ inches

Bullseye to Oche

If you have the correct measurements then the distance from the centre of the board to the throwing line should be 2.93m or x feet.

Have a look at the below picture which should help you out with measuring distances to help you set up your dartboard and oche.

I have created my own diagram which I hope should help you better, as they say actions speak louder than words.

Darts Measurements

Other measurements

The dartboard itself is 17 ¾ inches in diameter and is divided in 20 radial sections of the same size.

Thank you for reading this posts. If you have any questions leave them below and I will look to anwswer as soon as possible.


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