The Dartboard

Here is the dartbard explained and how you score points











Single – Is either the big space below the double or below the treble, you can tell if they are single scores by their colour, anything on the dartboard inside marked black or white is a single score.

Double – A double is the larger outer ring of the dartboard, you always finish the standard game of darts on a double. These will be either red or green.

Treble – Is the inner ring going around the middle of the board, this will give you three times as many points as a single.

Bullseye – This is the centre of the board and counts as 50 points and also be used as a double to finish a leg, the small ring surrounding the bullseye is wrth 25 points but you cnnot check-out by this score.

All of these can be referred as something else, to view different terminology please click here.



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