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Advertise on here from as little as £1.00.

Best darts to buy has been up and running for more than 3 years.

We now feel that it is time to allow you to add your own adverts onto my site, linking back to your own page at very little cost.

Why Advertise with us

We are relatively new to the market place with our unique visitors increasing year on year.

Why advertise with us

As you can see in the last year we have had over 2,300 unique visitors to the site with the site not reallybeing updated year on year, you can clearly see the the steady flow of visitors on a day by day basis which I hope to increase over time.

Where can I advertise

The advertisement will be for every page of the website so you don’t need to worry about which pages get the most views.

There are four positios on each page that are available at varying costs, they are highlighted below.

How much will each cost to advertise

The cost to advertise with will vary depending upon where you would like the advertisement

  • Header Banner (across the top) – £50 year or £5 month – (728pxls x 90pxls (current dimension) up to the full length of the page x 90pxls)
  • Top Side Banner – £25 year or £3 month – (Up to 234pxls x 234pxls (currently 234 x 60))
  • Bottom Side Banner – £10 year or £1 month – (Up to 234pxls x 234pxls (currently 234 x 60))
  • Bottom Banner – £10 year or £1 month (Up to the full length of the page)

What can be advertised

You can supply your own add and link to a web page of your choosing, we reserve the right to refuse add space if we deem it inappropriate.

How do I make Payment

I accept different payments methods but my prefered option is via paypal.

What are you waiting for you have nothing to lose it may only cost you as little as £1.00. If you have any questions or would to place an add please fill in the below form.

Contact us here to place an add or ask a question.

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