Hi my name is Dave, I am 29 and a keen Darts enthusiast.

I have been playing darts on and off most of my life and can’t get enough of it, I currently play for my local pub team, I can honestly say I am no professional but I would say I am a fairly average player.

I enjoy darts so much and what I want is to show you my darts website, I am analysing many sets of darts, I have not used each set but I have given my own opinion on these darts.

If any of you have used or have bought these darts through my Webpage and have your own comments on these darts the more the reviews the better, as I want you all to get the best darts for the person.

As I have said I am no expert and all of these opinions are my own, everybody is different, this website is to only help you try and find the best darts to suit you. I am not responsible if the darts are not what you expected, I try to get all the information as accurate as possible.

Prices quoted are subject to change I try to keep it as up to date as possible.

Everyone has different requirements, some of these darts are better at different things.

In this website you will be able to see what your favourite darts players are playing with and have them for yourself.

My favourite darts players are Phil Taylor and Wayne Mardle I currently play with Phil Taylor Phase 5 darts and they are great for me.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me on contactus@bestdartstobuy.com and I will get back to you.

Thank you for viewing my website and I hope it helps.