Winmau 22g Simon Whitlock 90% Tungsten Darts (silver colour)

Simon Whitlock darts

Simon Whitlock Darts (aka The Wizard), Simon uses these 22g Darts, which has helped him to many tournements, reaching the final of the darts championship.

Simon is famous for the very long ponytail.

The Darts are:                              buy now

  • 90% Tungsten
  • Laser Etched Whitlock barrels
  • Slimline case for protection
  • Signature Flights


These darts were designed by Simon himself, they are made by Winmau designed for  accuracy.

They are perfectly balancedvand weighted in your hand, relatively slim for that much needed extra spaced.


22g – RRP £27.99  buy now to achieve discount

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