Silverstar Phil Taylor 80% Tungsten Dart

Phil Taylor darts

Phil “The Power Taylor” 15 times world darts championship winner

Manufactured by Unicorn

These Darts are:-                buy now

  • 80% Tungston Nickel Alloy
  • Precision Engineered barrels
  • Matched weight series – set of 3 barrells within 0.1g
  • Gripper Shafts
  • Hi-Lite Flights
  • Set of flight protectors
  • Naturally Black

These darts are relatively light and does not need much to throw them at the board, the Darts have a great grip.

Unfortunately that’s the best I can say about these darts, The Shafts are no good you will need to buy others almost immediately, the flights are boring which are a standard set of flights.

The darts are named Phil Taylor’s but he does not use these himself he uses 26g Unicorn Phase 5 Rosso, with slim shape flights not the traditional ones sold with this.


22g – RRP £24.67  buy now to achieve a discount

24g – RRP £24.67 buy now to achieve a discount

26g – RRP £24.67  buy now to achieve a discount

28g – RRP £24.67  buy now to achieve a discount

30g – RRP £24.67  buy now to achieve a discount

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