Winmau Budweiser Brass Darts

Budweiser darts

These Brass darts are made by the quality Winmau.

I am personally not a fan of Brass I prefer tungsten darts but they are good value for money.

Darts are:                      buy now

  • Budweiser Brass Darts
  • Budweiser engraving on the barrel (see the pic)
  • Nylon shafts and Budweiser flights

The darts come with a darts case.

Winmau produce top quality of darts.

These darts will do the job the will fly true and straight, the flights and shafts will not last, they have gripped barrels.

I do not recommend these as top darts but they will get the job done, and you will hit the board more often than not.


21g – RRP £8.39  buy now

26g – RRP £8.39  buy now

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