Premier James Wade Brass Dart

James Wade DartsJames Wade (AKA The Machine)

These Brass Darts come with :- buy now

  •    Unicorn Maestro premier barrels re-engineered in brass
  •  100% Brass
  •    Smooth Release
  •    Gripper II Shafts
  •    Nickname Flights
  •    Eclipse Max Case
  •    Eight Flight Protectors

These darts get the job done, they are manufactured by Unicorn, for the price they are you can’t expect much, the Brass darts are gold with brass shaped barrels. I recommend these if you are playing darts for the first time, and you don’t want to spend too much getting started.


They are named James Wade darts but he uses 20g Unicorn James Wade.


17g – RRP £6.20  buy now to receive a discount

19g – RRP £6.20  buy now to receive a discount

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