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Posted by Ryan 18/11/2013

Novelty Darts Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, christmas is only a few weeks away and on top of that my wife is due to give birth to our first child on the 20th Feb so everything is going a bit crazy for me at the moment.

I thought with Christmas coming it would give me a good opportunity to talk about my top 10 novelty darts gifts for loved ones this Christmas.

I have done quite a bit of research regarding this and found hundreds of different gifts, including clothing, jewellery, DVD’s, games and etc and some of these have made it to my top ten.

The price range is indicated by the £ sign the lower the count the lower the price, this does not however compromise the quality.

£ – £1.00 – £10.00

££ – £10.00 – £20.00

£££ – £20.00 – £25.00

So here is my list (remember this is my opinion there is plenty more out there but wanted to give you my favourites so they are all in one place).

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Posted by Ryan 30/10/2013

Darting Terminology

Sorry I have not wrote in such a long time, it has been very hectic here we hav just had our twenty week scan and found out we are having a boy exciting times.

Well onto the darts talk, you hear and see many different darting words when playing and watching darts, it’s as if they have their own language.

I am going to go through most of the common words you will hear when playing/watching darts and what each one of them mean. There are many that mean the same thing but some people call them different things.

I do refer to a lot of this terminology in my website. If you don’t know what I am talking about before reading this article I am sorry but you will now be able to find it here.

I have got quite a few, most of which you will already probably know, but if you have some that is not on my list let me know at the comments at the bottom.

I’m sorry if you think they mean something different from where you are but feel free to leave a comment and I will add alternate definitions on this page as well.

My List

  • Lipstick – It is not what the ladies where on the lips when they say lipstick they actually mean the treble twenty.

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Posted by Ryan 21/09/2013

Dart Board Measurements

Welcome back to best darts to buy i’m sorry Ihave not wrote any posts recently but I hope now to write at least two to three posts per month going forward.Tape Measure

Enough about me onto the topic in hand.

I hope this post is going to be of some use to you, if you are hanging your own dartboard and want to know the height and distances then look now further this should help no end.

What do I mean by measurements?

I mean the measurement from the dartboard to the oche (or the throwing line) and the height of the dartboard from the floor.

A quick note to say what I will be talking about is recognised as the world standard recognised by the World Darts Federation. They may vary if you are not playing the standard game of darts.


The height of the dartboard was put to this level as it is at eye level for a 6ft 0inches person. The height of the dartboard is measured to the centre of the board or the bullseye and is 1.73m or 5ft 8inches from the ground to where the player will be throwing from (Note: Some games there is a step known as a hockey after the oche as the

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Posted by Ryan 29/08/2013

How much does it cost to play darts? 

This is my first article about darts which I hope to create many more going forward if this is of any interest to you.

If you are just starting out and are looking to set up and play darts this article should help you understand how much it will cost to set this up from scratch.

The cost of everything can vary depending on a number of different factors including quality of the dartboard and darts, extra items, what you already have and where you buy it.

If you are just starting out all you really need to play is a set of darts and a dartboard. Everything else is just an extra cost when you may not need it.

Additional items you may want to consider when setting it up are:

  • Flights – In case the set that comes with the darts are broken are not to your liking.
  • Stems/Shafts – You may want different lengthier stems and they can vary depending on the type you would like.
  • Dartboard Surround – These are very handy as it will protect your wall from dart holes, you can get some nice surrounds nowadays that blend in with the rest of the room.
  • Dart mat – This is usually for two reasons one to protect the floor when the dart flies out the board and the second to give you an idea of where to stand when throwing.
  • Wall bracket – For ease of putting your dartboard on the wall.
  • Dart Case – To store your darts in when playing away from home.

These are nice to haves but as I said before all you really need to get started are a board, some darts and enough space to play.

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